Sunday, May 31, 2020


You may be looking to charter a car just for yourself, or, for a whole group.  We can offer you either a luxury sedan that seats up to 3-4 people or a stretched limousine seating 8-10 at once.  You may be going out for the day, evening, special event, or out of town for a few days.

Common calls for the luxury sedan include:

  • Medical appointments, check ups, operations out of town.  We will pick you up at your door, take you at the time you need to go.  We can wait for you and return the same day, or come back at a later date to pick you up.
  • Transportation to an out of town airport.  You want to get picked up at your home, at certain time to meet your flight.  We can do that.
  • Business meetings.  You need to be at a certain place at a certain time?  We can take you out of town to your meeting, wait for you and return.  You have the car to yourself and can rest or prepare long the way without having to worry about the drive.

Common calls for a stretch limo charter include:

  • Group transportation.  You may have an entire group of people that are traveling together to an airport or to a destination.  We can comfortably carry up to 8 passengers and luggage out of town at once.  The limousines are equipped with various amenities to make your travel fun and classy.  You may prefer the convenience of your own flexible travel schedule instead of being restricted to other forms of transportation which may not be as convenient.  You might be surprised to learn how cost effective we can be for your group.
  • Special events.  Take your friends out for the evening.  Maybe you're looking to travel to the casino or sporting event with some friends or just hit the town for the night having fun.  We can transport your group, drop you off or wait for you and return.